Our Work

To fulfill its mission, the NRC works at a national level within the United States and its Territories to address racial and ethnic health disparities. The NRC accomplishes this with the NRC Model,  and by supporting efforts at the community level to accomplish successful NRC Programs and Projects. The NRC has a specific charge from its board to operate nationally within the United States and its Territories and to address racial/ethnic health disparities.

NRC Model for Social Change

The REACH approach to community partnership has uncovered vital lessons for addressing complex, multi-factorial health issues that can be shared and applied to other interventions across the nation. Our Model For Change has proven effective when based on principles and best practices including Trust, Empowerment, Culture & History, Community and Ownership. Learn More

Programs and Projects

The primary focus of the NRC’s programs and projects are to improve the health and well being of underserved communities across the United States.  The NRC offers training, technical assistance and support to community-based organizations actively engaged in efforts to increase racial and ethnic health equity. The organizations chosen are financially supported under one of the two currently funded NRC grant programs. Learn More

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Over the past 10 years, the National REACH Coalition has successfully promoted, developed, and implemented innovative strategies and programs that improve the underlying causes of inequities in health in vulnerable populations located in urban, rural and frontier communities. Learn More

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