REACH Grantee Bronx Health REACH Helping to Get Bronx Residents Vaccinated

NY1 recently did a story about REACH grantee Bronx Health REACH’s work in the Bronx as part of the Test & Trace Corps, New York City’s comprehensive effort to test, trace, and treat every case of COVID-19 and schedule COVID-19 vaccine appointments for Bronx residents. Through a partnership with NYC Health + Hospitals and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the Corps allows the City to immediately isolate and care for those who test positive for the virus and then rapidly track, assess, and quarantine anyone they may have been infected.

The Institute for Family Health’s Bronx Health REACH is one of 38 community-based organizations (CBOs) that have been selected to distribute signage and information about where people can go to get a COVID-19 test and/or COVID-19 vaccination. As one of the Bronx organizations since August 2020, the Bronx Health REACH T2 team has distributed over 96,000 masks and hundreds of posters, palm cards to over 400 Bronx churches, mosques, schools as well as bodegas, barber shops, supermarkets, nail salons and other Bronx businesses.

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