Add Your Organization’s Name to Support REACH Funding Request for FY 2021 – EXTENDED TO MARCH 6

Dear REACH Grantees,

Last year with your help we were successful in securing REACH funding in Congress. In fact REACH got a raise of $4 million. The FY 2020 funding appropriated for REACH was $59.95 million.

For FY 2021 we are requesting $76.95 million. And, once again we need your help.

This letter will be sent to the Congress and the Senate requesting the $76.95 million. We need you to sign on if you can and to share it as widely as possible with your network so as many as possible can sign on.

As REACH grantees working in communities that are the direct beneficiaries of REACH funding, it is imperative that we offer as much support for these efforts to continue funding the work.

Please click here and add your organization’s name by Friday, March 6.

Also, please remember to spread the word among your networks and encourage as many as possible to sign on.

Thank you for your support.

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