CDC Seeks Feedback

Please provide feedback to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) What Works: Strategies to Increase Physical Activity signpost that can be found by clicking here. The foundation is the bottom part of the signpost that reads “Equitable and Inclusive Access.” When you click on the foundation, it takes you to the Active Living section of A Practitioner’s Guide for Advancing Health Equity: Community Strategies for Preventing Chronic Disease resource, that was created in the former Division of Community Health.

For the time being this is simply a bookmark while they work to create a more meaningful or contextual Equitable and Inclusive Access page, similar to what you find on the pages linked to the What Works strategies. The requested feedback is to get a general sense of what you would like to see in the Equitable and Inclusive Access section of the signpost. Email comments and feedback to Graydon Yatabe. Deadline for comments is the end of March. Please take the time to give your input. It will be greatly appreciated.

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