NRC Spotlight Profile: CARE & The REACH Steering Committee

The Community Alliance for Research & Engagement (CARE) based in New Haven, Connecticut has worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in order to create the REACH Steering Committee. The main goal of CARE is to improve health among people most impacted by disparities, including black and brown communities, and low-income populations through collaborative research, practice, and engagement.

The REACH Steering Committee is composed of New Haven residents, sub-contracted organizations, community partners, and existing coalitions; including the Healthier Greater New Haven Partnership and the New Haven Food Policy Council and their respective working groups.

The main objectives of the REACH Steering Committee are:

1. To guide and provide strategic input into specific project activities of REACH.
2. To build awareness and make the case for health equity in conversations, partnerships, and collaborations across New Haven.
3. To synergize health equity work among and within organizations, systems, and communities across New Haven.
4. To intentionally shift organizational culture to address racial equity for the purpose of health.
5. To ensure the people who are most affected are ignited and supported in the projects most important to them (under the umbrella of REACH Aims) have a dominant role in making decisions.
6. To take a four-pronged approach to sustainability, including but not limited to finding new funding sources, for our collective health equity and racial justice work in New Haven.

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