PolicyLink Webinar: Local Data and Strategy for Equitable Entrepreneurship, June 27 at 1PM EDT

PolicyLink invites to join in on a webinar: Local Data and Strategy for Equitable Entrepreneurship Webinar, Jun 27, 2019 from 1 to 2 PM EDT. Businesses owned by people of color make up a significant and growing share of companies in cities across the country. Yet, the racial wealth gap along with lack of access to capital stifle entrepreneurs of color, who remain underrepresented, particularly among high-growth firms and firms with paid employees. And because of this underrepresentation, communities lose out on the jobs, services, and financial security that come with business development and growth.

To help communities understand the state of entrepreneurship and develop strategies to eliminate barriers and build equitable entrepreneurial ecosystems, the National Equity Atlas team is adding four new indicators of business growth and diversity to the Atlas. Based on the Census Bureau’s 2007 and 2012 Survey of Business Owners, this data will be available for all Atlas geographies, including the largest 100 cities and largest 150 metropolitan regions. Join this webinar to learn about our new entrepreneurship indicators and the strategies that support equitable entrepreneurship. Speakers include staff from PolicyLink, Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA), Kelly Strayhorn Theater and USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE).

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