Spotlighting REACH Grantees: Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln/The Malone Center

Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln partnered with the Malone Center to help empower black young women through support and effective resources. The Malone Center is dedicated to increasing breastfeeding rates by empowering and educating families and community through four breastfeeding programs: Empowering Pregnant and Parenting Teens Support Group, Melanin Mommas Support Group, Breastfeeding 101 Classes and Peer Counselor Breastfeeding Support. All of the breastfeeding programs are facilitated by the Culturally Diverse Community Breastfeeding Educator, Dania DeLone.

The Peer Counselor program consists of one on one visits to help with breastfeeding questions, latch issues and offers support via texts and phone. The Breastfeeding 101 Class is offered quarterly and all family members are encouraged to come and learn about the importance of breastfeeding and how they can best support the new mom in their family. Over a dozen families enrolled in the programming over the last eight months and there are plans to expand and grow the programming to fathers and to the public school district.

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